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ISMS Security Policy

The Information System Management Regulations (hereinafter referred to as “these Regulations”) are defined with the goal of implementing the Information System Management Policy and promoting protection and utilization of our information assets.

Wilson Learning Worldwide works to contribute to the society by way of improving personnel and organizational development. In the process, we have gained valuable information resources that have become crucial for our business and require a secure protection. It is vital that these resources are utilized efficiently to continue increase the quality of our business. Thus, we have created a basic policy to protect this valuable resource.

  1. We comply with all business and legal requirements as well as security obligations.
  2. To ensure a secure installation of a proper information systems security, an ISMS management committee must be established.
  3. Our information resources is operated and administered based on risk management standards derived from confidentiality, integrity, and availability. They shall also work to prevent unauthorized use, tampering, and loss of data and recover promptly from data corruption or destruction.
  4. Osaka and Nagoya – As the Osaka and Nagoya offices expand it is critical for each office to strengthen and increase their security by appointing an ISMS specialist.
  5. The executive board must approve all policies and is responsible in disclosing all necessary information to all personnel.
  6. This Basic Policy must stay current and valid at all times. Any significant change must be reviewed and executed at a timely manner.
  7. The Information Security System must conduct a routine review and exam to prevent any risks or confirmation on any environmental changes. The system should be upgraded and improved accordingly.
  8. The Information Security System will be executed with clear understanding of all business within the company and the most applicable security system to maintain the business properly.
  9. All employees must comply and adhere with the ISMS protection and security policies while conducting business, which includes full-time, part-time, and outsourced employees.
  10. By complying with the ISO27001 ISMS, this helps strengthen our business and prepare us to conduct a secure global business. It is critical that, in order for conduct business properly, we will continue to educate and inform each employee of ISMS and any changes experienced.

Under this basic policy, it is vital that the installation, management, supervision, review, maintenance, and upgrade is present for the best ISMS system for the company. The implementation of this policy will ensure the company’s entire system environment and understand the necessary management resource required to conduct our daily operation.

Last update April 2014