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Wilson Learning to Host India’s First Learning and HR Hackathon

June 25, 2019

Wilson Learning, an industry leader in leadership, workforce, and sales development, is organising an all-for-one and one-for-all Hackathon on Adapting Learning to 21st Century Learners on July 26, 2019, at Leela Ambience, Gurgaon. The Hackathon will focus on learning initiatives and adapting to the digital revolution. The event will bring together leaders and professionals of all levels in the HR and learning fields to not only talk about this burning issue in the industry but to actually do something about it.

According to Anand Subramaniam, Senior Director of Consulting and Capability Development for the APAC region of Wilson Learning, “Millennial workforces are markedly different when compared to workforces of the 1990s. Time and gratification are evaluated instantly, requiring learning design to keep up with progressing trends. The ways in which working professionals learn and enhance skills have evolved to reflect our digital reality. For this reason, we are hosting a forum on strategic thinking and action planning for human resource and instructional design professionals to actually do something as a collective group.”

Innovative Thinking = Actionable Plans

The one-day Hackathon will give participants the opportunity to engage in live problem-solving exercises to generate innovative approaches for a universally applicable problem. These can then be used to address real-life problems in everyday assignments.

A multi-perspective approach generates better ideas for decision-makers and stakeholders and results in immediate action on the job.

The Hackathon is recommended for those in learning and development, human resources, and instructional design, as well as those who are pioneers in their field and are willing to challenge the status quo. Registration for the event is ongoing. Entry is free. For more information, visit