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Wilson Learning at the Forefront of HR

Gartner Reimagine HR 2019

July 1, 2019

Wilson Learning, an industry leader in leadership, workforce, and sales development, is a silver sponsor at Gartner ReimagineHR 2019, an event that promises to be a treasure trove of ideas and solutions for dealing with workforce changes in the 21st century. From data and knowledge transparency to leadership decision-making and potential changes in the workweek structure, there’s a lot to learn at Gartner ReimagineHR 2019.

Wilson Learning looks at real-world solutions that explore the latest technology in an ever-evolving human resource landscape, contributing much more than knowledgeable experts and resourceful networking. Involving robots and artificial intelligence, or not, reimagining workforces is all about empowering individuals to continually innovate and become more productive. In real time, this is all about working with constantly changing trends toward organizational progress and a desired work culture.

The Challenges of the Real Working World

According to Mike Salter, Head of Sales, Wilson Learning Australia, “Over the last decade, organizations have been asking their people to deliver beyond their maximum capacity. This has resulted in disengaged employees who now choose to spend their discretionary energy on activities and goals that are outside of the workplace. They are thus tired and burnt out and, in some cases, leaving their jobs without securing their next role.

This trend has been forcing organizations to rethink employee engagement, provide leaders with skills and tools to help them understand engagement, and approach leadership and business performance from an authentic and sustainable perspective.

To this end, Wilson Learning has been in the people-energy business for over 50 years, helping organizations understand the link between discretionary energy and the role of managers in engaging and supporting their people through transformational and incremental change.”

Registrations for the event are ongoing.

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