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By Michael Leimbach, PhD, Carl Eidson, PhD


在这里,我们有一个相似的却很复杂的问题。如今,一项培训计划可能涉及全球受众和多种交付方式,包括网络广播、虚拟学习、移动设备和社会媒体,甚至包括课堂培训。这些活动可能发生在不同的时间,时区,面向不同水平且多元化的群体。要管理所有的这些活动对后勤来说简直是个噩梦,由此看来,因 为许多培训机构的资源有限,很难推行学习转移以确保持久的结果也不足为奇。

事实上,有一种方法可以提供设计良好、有效的巩固和跟进,同时也不会给学员、 管理人员、培训人员或其他利益相关者带来不必要的负担。

96% of participants reported a significant increase in work productivity as a direct result of skills and tools used to enhance the learning.

Michael Leimbach, PhD

Michael Leimbach, PhD, is a globally recognized expert in instructional design and leadership development. As Vice President of Global Research and Development for Wilson Learning Worldwide Inc., he has worked with numerous Global 1000 organizations in Australia, England, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and throughout the United States. Over more than 30 years, Dr. Leimbach had developed Wilson Learning’s diagnostic, learning, and performance improvement capabilities, published over 100 professional articles, coauthored four books, been Editor-in-Chief for the highly acclaimed ADHR research journal, and is a frequent speaker at national and global conferences. He also serves on the ISO Technical Committee (TC232) on Quality Standards for Learning Service Providers and on the University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development Dean’s Advisory Board.

Carl Eidson, PhD

Carl Eidson, PhD, is Vice President of Business Development for Wilson Learning. Dr. Eidson leads and coaches a virtual team of over 100 independent distributors stretching from Toronto to Bogotá and works extensively with clients. Dr. Eidson has coauthored articles on selecting top talent published in scholarly journals, including Journal of Applied Psychology, Human Performance, International Journal of Selection and Assessment, and Journal of Business and Psychology. He has also authored and coauthored articles on leadership, sales, virtual teams, and employee engagement in industry publications including CIO, Training magazine, and Sales Pro Magazine. Dr. Eidson is a frequent speaker at professional conferences on the topic of learning transfer and human performance improvement research and practices.