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Wilson Learning Wins 2021 HREC Elite Choice Award for Sales Training

June 17, 2021

Wilson Learning China announced that it was selected by China’s Human Resource Excellence Centre (HREC) as a winner of the 2021 HREC Elite Choice Awards for Sales Training in the sales training category for the second continuous year. More than 500 Chinese companies that use learning services were asked to cast their votes for these prestigious awards.

“We are very proud of our second award from HREC because it helps to showcase our capabilities across the sales training industry,” said Lindsay Niu, Head of Sales for Wilson Learning Greater China. “This acknowledgement serves as the best reward from our long-term relationships with the customers we serve and demonstrates our position in the market.”

With continuous marketing activities in China, Wilson Learning has now been recognized as one of the best choices for sales training. Wilson Learning’s sales training programs, including Sell to Value™, The Counselor Salesperson, and Negotiating to Yes, continue to be highly regarded by customers.

“In sales, given the dramatic events in the world over the last year, everything has changed (how we interact, technology usage, etc.) and, yet, nothing has changed. Becoming a successful salesperson is still about trust and solving problems, adding value at every interaction,” said David Yesford, Managing Director of Wilson Learning Greater China and Senior V.P. of Wilson Learning Global Marketing. “I am proud of the work that we do with our customers—building solid sales skills but within a completely new environment of selling.”

The award selection process contained two phases; the final calculation was determined from a database of 518 HR professional surveys based on:

  • Brand awareness
  • Market share
  • Brand recognition

To learn more, contact Wilson Learning at or 8621-2357-1788.

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About HREC

The Human Resource Excellence Centre (HREC) is the largest and most influential member community for HR professionals in China. As of June 2020, there are more than 3,800 member companies in the HREC community, including mostly Fortune 500 and 2000 companies, of which more than 90% are now enjoying the community’s services. HREC’s products and services cover the entire field of human resources in a rich and cutting-edge manner to meet the “learning needs, procurement needs, and motivation and recognition needs” of human resources professionals.