Wilson Learning Worldwide Inc. Releases The Counselor Salesperson™ on New Learning Experience Platform

September 22, 2020

Wilson Learning Worldwide Inc., a global leader in human performance improvement solutions, announced today the launch of its world-class sales effectiveness solution The Counselor Salesperson™ (CSP) on its new Learning Experience Platform (LXP), powered by their strategic partner, NovoEd.

“Every year since 2009, Wilson Learning has been named a Training Industry Top 20 Sales Training Company. Considering that NovoEd is a Training Industry Top 20 Learning Experience Platform Company, it made sense to leverage the two award-winning capabilities,” said Ed Emde, President of Wilson Learning Corporation. “CSP delivered on the LXP is the perfect integration of our industry-leading sales effectiveness solution with NovoEd’s high-impact online environment. We’ve created a robust learning journey that prepares salespeople to use the CSP skills they’ve learned to improve their sales performance and business results.”

The Counselor Salesperson establishes a basic philosophy of selling with a common and easily understood methodology. The program provides a win-win approach to selling that emphasizes adding value at every interaction with the customer or prospect. CSP ensures that the salesperson’s approach is integrated with the buying process in a way that is truly collaborative.

Wilson Learning’s LXP allows organizations to deliver experiential learning that accelerates business performance. This scalable, collaborative learning environment allows CSP learners to engage in an experience that enables the deep skill development necessary to increase sales performance and produce measurable business results. Optimizing the capabilities of the LXP platform, learners develop CSP skills through purposeful practice and application, coaching and mentorship, and group collaboration. Learning retention is addressed by releasing content at spaced intervals to reduce information overload and by interspersing learning with practice, application exercises, and peer discussions to improve retention and use of the CSP skills. Cohort-based, peer discussion opportunities are provided that can be guided by a facilitator, coach, or mentor, and a team space is available for peers to work on team projects, share resources, and ask questions.

“Remaining viable in today’s business environment requires salespeople who can respond to customers’ business needs, priorities, and interests better than the competition. The need for salespeople to develop those skills remains, but in today’s global environment, organizations need to utilize alternative delivery methods other than traditional face-to- face instructor-led training,” explained Tom Roth, Chief Operating Officer of Wilson Learning Worldwide Inc. “CSP delivered on the LXP provides a differentiated, engaging, and highly effective online learning experience. Clients who have been early adopters of CSP delivered on the LXP have commented on how engaging the learning journey was, and salespeople have reported they are already using the CSP skills they learned in the process.”

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About NovoEd

NovoEd’s collaborative learning platform empowers organizations to design and deliver experiential learning that accelerates business performance on a global scale. Since the company’s founding at Stanford’s social algorithm laboratory in 2012, global corporations, executive education providers, and training firms have relied on NovoEd to develop high-value capabilities through purposeful practice and application, coaching and mentorship, and group collaboration. NovoEd’s proven approach to learning connects diverse groups of learners, mentors, and leaders in a high-impact online environment, unlocking organizations’ collective knowledge and driving measurable outcomes. Learn more at www.novoed.com.