Counselor Selling in a Virtual Environment™

Selling virtually has become the new normal in most industries. Your salesforce now relies on remote selling tools to bridge the gap between how they are accustomed to selling and how they now need to sell. So, how do you effectively apply The Counselor Salesperson™ approach in the virtual environment?

Counselor Selling in a Virtual Environment™ provides those needed skills in four two-hour modules. This program can either be:

  • Implemented any time after The Counselor Salesperson program completion to build on participants’ The Counselor Salesperson selling skills
  • Combined with The Counselor Salesperson program

Both options fully integrate with the Counselor Approach and expand salespeople’s capabilities to conduct successful virtual sales calls.

Program Outcomes

Connect to Buyers Virtually

Use specific actions and tools prior to and during meetings to build trust, discover needs, and present solutions.

Effectively Use Technology

Confidently select and use the right capabilities of the virtual platform to ensure an engaging meeting.

Gain Confidence in Virtual Presentations

Through effective planning and preparation, you can control your confidence levels before and during the meeting.

Master the Sources of Engagement

Use tools and techniques to actively engage buyers, ensuring they remain involved and on track at all times.