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Designing an Effective Learning Journey

Why Maximizing Manager Involvement Can Boost Performance Impact by More Than 40%

Focus on preparing your managers to coach to the skills your employees are learning—because coaching skills alone are not enough.


The Learning Journey

You’ve seen the technology, you like the customization options, and you understand the impact, but before you implement a learning journey in your organization, what are the key “must haves” that ensure new skills are effectively applied and transferred to the job? Manager support and coaching get results, but which approach is actually proven to boost learning transfer, drive application, and improve performance?

Wilson Learning’s research, drawing on nine rigorous studies, found that organizations that provide their managers with the same training as their employees, in addition to training on an effective coaching process, can boost the impact of a program’s learning transfer by more than 40%.


Training managers on both content and coaching skills is more than twice as effective as coaching skills training alone.